Diva.js: Document Image Viewer with Ajax

“Diva.js (Document Image Viewer with AJAX) is a Javascript frontend for viewing documents, designed to work with digital libraries to present multi-page documents as a single, continuous item. Only the pages that are being viewed at any given time are actually present in the document, with the rest appended as necessary, ensuring efficient memory usage and high loading speeds. Written as a jQuery plugin, diva.js requires the jQuery Javascript library, along with several jQuery plugins and the jQuery UI, all of which are included. On the backend, the images will be served by IIPImage server after processing, and the image information will be sent, in JSON format, through an AJAX request by a PHP script (also included).”


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cléoradar (2011, 22 octobre). Diva.js: Document Image Viewer with Ajax. Cléo Radar. Consulté le 14 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://cleoradar.hypotheses.org/15959

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