xMod | Generic XML Scholarly Publishing Framework

xMod is an application framework which allows the transformation of a repository of TEI (or other, valid) XML into a finished static or dynamic website of conceivably any size. xMod also supports a number of other output formats, and can be used to generate print-ready output (ranging from simple PDFs to highly formatted camera-ready copy). The xMod framework provides a number of tools to support large-scale, multiuser editorial and publication processes and is designed to be run as a standalone, desktop application, or as a dynamic web application on a server (running in Apache Cocoon).


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cléoradar (2012, 27 janvier). xMod | Generic XML Scholarly Publishing Framework. Cléo Radar. Consulté le 13 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://cleoradar.hypotheses.org/16353

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