Data Seal of Approval

“The Data Seal of Approval ensures that in the future, research data can still be processed in a high-quality and reliable manner, without this entailing new thresholds, regulations or high costs. The Data Seal of Approval and it’s quality guidelines may be of interest to research institutions, organizations that archive data and to users of that data. It can be granted to any repository that applies for it via the assessment procedure.

Anyone who archives his or her data would like to be able to find, recognise and use it in the future. With electronic data this cannot be taken for granted, after all hardware and software are changing all the time. Making data future-proof can be accomplished by ensuring that data sets and metadata meet certain requirements. In consultation with large data producers and managers, the Dutch data archive DANS documented what those requirements need to be in the Data Seal of Approval, which have been further developed since and handed over to the DSA Board in May 2009.

You can download the document that contains the quality guidelines of the Data Seal of Approval below.”


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