Institutional Identifier for Library and Archives Workflows

The NISO Institutional Identifier (I2) working group will develop a robust, scalable and interoperable standard for identifying the institution–a core entity in any information transaction.
Institutions create, purchase, share and establish the provenance and authority of information for their users.
The lack of an institutional identifier has resulted in stopgap measures, many of which were developed before the web and emerging digital identifier standards. These identifiers, such as the MARC Code List for Organizations, have enabled interlibrary loan and other activities but they are not unique, functional or robust enough to support the global information space.
As technologies such as federated authentication and authorization and web 2.0 tools make collaborations and federation of information more intuitive, the need to uniquely identify institutions and their related affiliations in a manner that is global, interoperable, unambiguous and unique is critical.

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