[#SOLR-1163] Solr Explorer – A generic GWT client for Solr – ASF JIRA

# Simple query search
# Sorting – one can dynamically define new sort criterias
# Search results are rendered very much like Google search results are rendered. It is also possible to view all stored field values for every hit.
# Custom hit rendering – It is possible to show thumbnails (images) per hit and also customize a view for a hit based on html templates
# Faceting – one can dynamically define field and query facets via the UI. it is also possible to pre-configure these facets in the configuration file.
# Highlighting – you can dynamically configure highlighting. it can also be pre-configured in the configuration file
# Spellchecking – you can dynamically configure spell checking. Can also be done in the configuration file. Supports collation. It is also possible to send "build" and "reload" commands.
# Data import handler – if used, it is possible to send a "full-import" and "status" command ("delta-import" is not implemented yet, but it's easy to add)
# Console – For developme

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B. Cénou (2009, 6 novembre). [#SOLR-1163] Solr Explorer – A generic GWT client for Solr – ASF JIRA. Cléo Radar. Consulté le 22 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/mwsx

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