OpenWebReader – A free Multi-user Web-based Feed aggregator

OpenWebReader is a PHP5, multi-user feed aggregator. It is designed for becoming a RIA and uses AJAX technology as main rich interface amplifyer.

OpenWebReader is a free software.

* Support for ATOM, RSS 0.92, RSS 1 (RDF), RSS 2 formats
* Import/export feeds in OPML format
* Multi-lingual interface (English and French at the moment), sober and fast, powered by AJAX
* Feeds tagging, with or without use of drag'n'drop
* Multi-users, two level of rights (user, administrator)
* Documented source code
* Support for OpenID authentification
* Full-text search
* OpenSearch compatible
* Gateway system with automatic authentication
* Mark some news easily into most spreaded services
* SSL support (HTTPS)
* Caching system (both templates and SQL results)
* E-tags support
* Feeds auto-dicovery
* 304 HTTP code status (not modified) support
* Favicons support (requires Imagick if you want to validate the ic