Introducing Sencha Touch: HTML5 Framework for Mobile – Sencha – Blog

“We’ve blogged a lot recently about the HTML5 family of technologies, and we’re calling this a HTML5 framework. Why? A few reasons. First, HTML5 makes Sencha Touch applications offline capable. For example, our Solitaire demo uses HTML5 localStorage to save game state. Second, HTML5 Geolocation allows for ridiculously easy geographical awareness in your applications. Our GeoCongress demo uses this capability to find your local Congressional representation, for example. The third reason is that the framework uses CSS3 capabilities extensively. Apart from the icons, there are practically no images in the component library — they’re all built with CSS3. GeoCongressSolitaireCSS3 gives us border styling, gradients, shadows and a whole big toolbox of styling beyond that. We’ve made our toolbars, buttons, sliders, meters etc. from pure CSS. It also provides us with the rich transitions and animations in the framework. There are even more HTML5 family capabililities that we want to expose in the framework as we go forward, like web workers and more.”