TEI Tite — A recommendation for off-site text encoding

“This document specifies how TEI Tite should be applied. Its organizing model is roughly the structure of a TEI document itself, and it proceeds from high-level features to low, starting with general requirements, text structure, directions on when to group texts, considerations about type of text (genre and format), continuing down to instructions on marking phrase-level features, reference systems, and so forth. In its original ODD (one document does-it-all) format, this document can generate everything necessary for working in TEI Tite: both documentation (this Tite-specific prose as well as the full technical documentation for each of its elements) and schemas in either W3C Schema, RELAX NG, or XML DTD. Software utilities, including the Roma web tool, can generate these.”


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cléoradar (25 août 2010). TEI Tite — A recommendation for off-site text encoding. Cléo Radar. Consulté le 23 juillet 2024 à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/mx84

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