First Look at Maqetta: IBM’s Linux-Friendly Web-Based HTML5 Editor |

” IBM released Maqetta this week, an open source rich-content authoring environment designed to make developing HTML5 applications and sites as easy as developing in Adobe’s Flash. Originally developed in-house, Maqetta was handed over to the Dojo Foundation to further develop it as a community project. Although there are a few unfinished pieces, it is already a powerful design and development tool — particularly for the sparse HTML5-authoring space.

In essence, Maqetta wants to be for HTML 5 what Adobe’s “Flash Professional” product is for Flash: a content-creation suite that designers can use to visually lay out an interactive site, and developers (possibly other individuals, but possibly the designers as well) can build into fully-functioning code. Although HTML5, CSS3, and numerous open source JavaScript libraries can implement the same interactive features sported by the proprietary Flash, the thinking goes, there is not a suitable development environment for either designers or Web developers.”


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