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Marxists Internet Archive

The Marxists Internet Archive (MIA, http://marx.org/) is an all volunteer, non-profit public library, started 17 years ago in 1990. In 2006, MIA averaged 1.1 million visitors per month, downloading 15.5 million files per month. This represents a 25% increase in visitors since 2005, and a 380% increase in visitors since 2000.

In 2007, MIA has 62 active volunteers from 33 different countries. MIA contains the writings of 592 authors representing a complete spectrum of political, philosophical, and scientific thought, generally spanning the past 200 years. MIA contains these writings in 45 different languages, comprising a total size of over 53,000 documents and 29 GB of data, all created through the work of volunteers around the world.

launching epub-labs! – Reading 2.0

EPUB-labs is intended to be an informal, open development
space, with associated mailing list, for ebook and media
developers to begin exploring the best ways of achieving
support for enhanced transmedia and internationalization
experiences for ebooks. epub-labs is intended to foster
discussion of best practices for html5, css v2/v3, and
other technologies for enhanced ebooks, in both web-based
and more traditional package delivery formats.

CatalogSpecDraft – openpub – The current bleeding-edge draft of the OPDS Catalog specification. – Project Hosting on Google Code


The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) Catalog format is a syndication format for electronic publications based on Atom and HTTP. Catalogs enable the aggregation, distribution, discovery, and acquisition of electronic publications. OPDS Catalogs use existing or emergent open standards and conventions, with a priority on simplicity.

The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) Catalog format is a syndication format for electronic publications based on Atom [RFC4287] and HTTP [RFC2616]. OPDS Catalogs enable available electronic publications to be:

* discovered, using optional search or a range of optional browsing techniques TODO
* acquired, using direct downloads, lending, or vending

An OPDS Catalog is made up of one or more Feeds. Each Feed is either a list of links to other Feeds or a list of Entries. An Entry describes an available electronic publication and includes basic metadata, the publication's format, and how the publication can b

TSM clients for Debian

Here you can find TSM clients for Debian 1) DEBIAN TSM CLIENT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY IBM – THEREFORE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK 2) clients were created by unpacking rpm packages, modifying startup scripts and packing things up using dpkg-deb if request is made, I will upload step-by-step HOWTO 3) you have to use set up your dsm.sys and dsm.opt files 4) I am learning with every version, so newer version is usualy better (give more info during installation, enviroment variables are set more properly etc.) 5) clients were tested on woody and sarge

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