Responding to One of Darnton’s Three Jeremiads — the Google Books Settlement « The Scholarly Kitchen

In a late-November issue of the New York Review of Books, Robert Darnton unburdened himself of “three jeremiads,” the third of which dealt specifically with what he considers troubling aspects of the Google Books settlement.


2010 Summary: libraries are still screwed, by Eric Hellman | TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics

In mathematics, catastrophe theory is the study of nonlinear dynamical systems which exhibit points or curves of singularity. The behavior of systems near such points is characterized by sudden and dramatic changes resulting from even very small perturbations. The simplest sort of catastrophe is the fold catastrophe.


Le hub Dilicom : au service de la librairie numérique « immaté

On nous demande parfois à quoi sert d’avoir une boutique en ligne lorsqu’on est distributeur. En premier lieu, comme l’explique Élisa Boulard, à comprendre les pratiques des lecteurs d’ouvrages numériques, afin de leur fournir des systèmes compatibles avec leurs habitudes de navigation. En deuxième lieu à payer les serveurs qui abritent nos bases de données et les web services utilisés par nos partenaires éditeurs et libraires.


The Library: Three Jeremiads by Robert Darnton | The New York Review of Books

“When I look back at the plight of American research libraries in 2010, I feel inclined to break into a jeremiad. In fact, I want to deliver three jeremiads, because research libraries are facing crises on three fronts; but instead of prophesying doom, I hope to arrive at a happy ending.”


An Update on Taking Up a Collection for arXiv – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education

In January, Cornell University announced that it would be passing the hat for arXiv, the widely used online repository that houses e-prints of journal articles in physics, quantitative biology, mathematics, computer science, and related fields. The repository has long been housed at Cornell but had gotten too expensive to maintain alone, the university said…


Institutional Repository Bibliography

The Institutional Repository Bibliography (IRB) presents selected English-language articles, books, technical reports, and other scholarly textual sources that are useful in understanding institutional repositories. (See the scope note for further details.)

Most sources have been published between 2000 and the present; however, a limited number of key sources published prior to 2000 are also included. Where possible, links are provided to e-prints in disciplinary archives and institutional repositories for published articles. Note that e-prints and published articles may not be identical.


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