Google Announces New Translator Gadget for Websites

Today, we're happy to announce a new website translator gadget powered by Google Translate that enables you to make your site's content available in 51 languages. Now, when people visit your page, if their language (as determined by their browser settings) is different than the language of your page, they'll be prompted to automatically translate the page into their own language. If the visitor's language is the same as the language of your page, no translation banner will appear.

Google Acquires reCAPTCHA to Fight Spam and Improve Google Books OCR

Google just announced that it has acquired reCAPTCHA, one of the leading providers of CPATCHAs, the hard-to-read puzzles you often have to solve before you can sign up for a new web service. Google, of course, isn't so much interested in owning software that can generate CAPTCHAs – that's an easy problem to solve – but is looking at reCAPTCHA as a way to improve the optical character recognition (OCR) software it uses for large scale text scanning projects like Google Books and the Google News Archive Search.

PHP 5.3 : intl : Internationalisation et Localisation (partie 1) – Pascal MARTIN (n+1).zéro

Une des problématiques que nous rencontrons de plus en plus fréquemment, alors que PHP s’utilise de plus en plus en entreprise, est la déclinaison de nos applications en plusieurs langues, qui regroupe deux notions :

* L’internationalisation (« i18n »), qui est le fait de concevoir une application de manière à ce qu’elle puisse être déclinée pour plusieurs locales,
* et la localisation (« l10n »), qui est le fait de décliner une application pour une culture — ce qui a des impacts sur la langue, bien entendu, mais aussi sur les formats de date, les unités monétaires, …

L’extension intl, qui était auparavant disponible sous forme de paquet PECL, est maintenant intégrée à PHP 5.3 ; elle nous facilitera la tâche pour la mise en place de sites multi-culturels.

Opera Unite

Opera Unite: a Web server on the Web browser

With Opera 10, we are introducing a new technology called Opera Unite, radically extending what you are able to do online. Opera Unite harnesses the power of today's fast connections and hardware, allowing all of us to help define the future landscape of the Web, one computer at a time. Read about how Opera Unite is going to change the way we interact on the Web on