Les relations entre dépôts et revues (dans le cadre du libre accès)

Journals and repositories: an evolving relationship?

“It is now widely accepted that there are two routes to open access (OA): OA repositories and OA journals. It is often assumed these are distinct alternative parallel tracks. However, it has recently become clear that there is potential for repositories and journals to interact with each other on an ongoing basis and between them to form a coherent OA scholarly communication system. This paper puts forward three possible models of interaction between repositories and journals; services such as arXiv and PubMed Central, and the work carried out by the RIOJA project, are working exemplars and pilot implementations of these models. The key issues associated with the widespread adoption of these models include repository infrastructure development; changing ideas of the ‘journal’, ‘article’, and ‘publication’; version management; quality assurance; business and funding models; developing value-added features; content preservation; policy frameworks; and changing roles and cultures within the research community.”

(source: Learned Publishing, Volume 22, Number 3, July 2009 , pp. 165-175(11))

arts-humanities.net: Digital Humanities and Arts | DC-2009 – International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications: “Semantic Interoperability of Linked Data”

DC-2009 will focus on linked data and the enabling of the Semantic Web.

Conference participants will explore the conceptual and practical issues in breaking the constraints of data silos and connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge.

Metadata is a key to these processes supporting publishing and interlinking structured data on the Semantic Web.

The basic assumption behind the concept of linked data is that the value and usefulness of data increases the more it is interlinked with other data.

There is a growing interest in the metadata community in connecting existing and future data contained in silos within and across organizations in a meaningful way that supports extraction and correlation of the data. The linking of data from disparate data silos presents technical and social challenges that will be explored at DC-2009 through full papers, project reports, posters, special sessions and workshops.

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