FeedWordPress 2010.0528: Like four updates in one! | FeedWordPress

FeedWordPress 2010.0528 is now available for download.
This is a major release with many changes, fixes, and new features. Actually, this post will be covering a lot more than just what went into the most recent public release — if you compared the version numbers in the Download box to the blog posts, you may have noticed that I put out a good three public releases that didn't have corresponding announcements on the blog. (Versions 2009.1111, 2009.1112, and 2010.0127. The reasons, basically, had to do with major releases being postponed for a couple months while I worked on some major internal overhauls, and then ending up with some important stuff to push out, but not having time to get the package's ChangeLog up to date. Since the announcement posts are based on the ChangeLog, the announcement posts didn't go up either.

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