The beauty of engineers: Google |

All standard system fonts present and correct. Increased/decreased text size (and, oddly, three different line heights). Night mode.

But not much more. No selecting text, no copy and paste, which is useless, and means no bookmarking, for one big, obvious thing. This is already a killer feature for me, and I’d be interested to know if that’s across all the apps, and interested to see how long it lasts. There are, it’s just possible, murky legal times ahead for bookmarking in electronic texts. Google might be affected by this. Or they might just be rubbish.


2010 Summary: libraries are still screwed, by Eric Hellman | TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics

In mathematics, catastrophe theory is the study of nonlinear dynamical systems which exhibit points or curves of singularity. The behavior of systems near such points is characterized by sudden and dramatic changes resulting from even very small perturbations. The simplest sort of catastrophe is the fold catastrophe.


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