Des bandes magnétiques sauvent Gmail de la catastrophe

“Google conserve toutefois des copies de sauvegarde des données sur bande magnétique, qui ne sont pas reliées aux serveurs, mais qui demandent un traitement bien plus long pour la restauration. Méconnu, le stockage par bande magnétique n’est aussi archaïque que l’on croit. Au contraire.”


TSM clients for Debian

Here you can find TSM clients for Debian 1) DEBIAN TSM CLIENT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY IBM – THEREFORE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK 2) clients were created by unpacking rpm packages, modifying startup scripts and packing things up using dpkg-deb if request is made, I will upload step-by-step HOWTO 3) you have to use set up your dsm.sys and dsm.opt files 4) I am learning with every version, so newer version is usualy better (give more info during installation, enviroment variables are set more properly etc.) 5) clients were tested on woody and sarge

Migrate Database to Another Host | ejabberd Community Site

This tutorial will guide you through the process of migrating ejabberd from one host to another. Maybe it isn't needed to convert the Mnesia backup file, as mentioned here: Document how to change computer hostname.

Because ejabberd uses Mnesia as its internal database, and because this system stores the Erlang node name into the backup files, when you want to migrate from one host to another you have to 'convert' the backups from the old node name to the new one.

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