What Can Publishers Learn from Indie Rock? « The Scholarly Kitchen

“Over the last few years, I’ve been buying more music on vinyl than I have since, well, ever. I realize this is a bit anachronistic. I’m not one of those audiophile types who go on and on about how much better music sounds on vinyl. I do think it sounds a bit warmer but really to my ears it is not that big a difference. Mainly I buy vinyl because I enjoy the whole experience of the record.”


Responding to One of Darnton’s Three Jeremiads — the Google Books Settlement « The Scholarly Kitchen

In a late-November issue of the New York Review of Books, Robert Darnton unburdened himself of “three jeremiads,” the third of which dealt specifically with what he considers troubling aspects of the Google Books settlement.


An Update on Taking Up a Collection for arXiv – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education

In January, Cornell University announced that it would be passing the hat for arXiv, the widely used online repository that houses e-prints of journal articles in physics, quantitative biology, mathematics, computer science, and related fields. The repository has long been housed at Cornell but had gotten too expensive to maintain alone, the university said…


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