ISIDORE Social Science and Humanities Research Platform Launched

DARIAH partner ISIDORE logoTGE-ADONIS, a team of the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), announces the launch of the beta version of the ISIDORE research platform. ISIDORE is created by TGE-ADONIS, realized by a consortium with Antidot, Mondeca and Sword and the Centre pour la diffusion scientifique directe (CCSD).

ISIDORE allows researchers to search across a wide range of data from the social sciences and humanities. ISIDORE harvests records, metadata and full text from databases, scientific and news websites that have chosen to use international standards for interoperability.

Once harvested, this information is turned into RDF structure and enriched with cross references (vocabulary lists, thesauri, references) produced either by the scientific community or by major institutions of higher education and research. The information harvested thus become points of entry to the full text, which is also indexed when possible.

ISIDORE is available via a dedicated website,, but it can also be integrated with thematic, disciplinary or academic portals. At the moment, ISIDORE is also a RDF triple store for data provider. In this context, ISIDORE is therefore not a conventional search engine; it is a flexible research platform that aims to federate access to digital research data in social sciences and to provide unified access for teachers researchers, PhD students.

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