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ODD stands for "One Document Does it all". Part of the Text Encoding Initiative, it is an XML-based format for writing human-readable descriptions of XML files. ODD allows its users to customize the P5 version of the TEI XML formats by writing XML schemas in a literate programming fashion.

What is the TEI Demonstrator?

The purpose of the DARIAH TEI Demonstrator (TD) is to demonstrate the practical benefits of using TEI for the representation of digital resources of all kinds, but primarily of original source collections within the arts and humanities. The Demonstrator aims to make it easy for humanities researchers to share TEI-encoded texts with others, and to compare their encoding practice with that of others in the TEI community. It also aims to show the "TEI Advantage", by showing how TEI can be used for textual materials in many languages, both for richly encoded complex materials and for minimally encoded basic texts.

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