R&D : Google et le CNRS mutualisent leurs ressources

Dans le cadre de son plan d’investissement en France, concernant notamment la R&D, Google va financer des équipes travaillant au sein de laboratoires d’informatique du CNRS dans le domaine de l’optimisation.

Google propose un module d’accélération d’Apache (mod_pagespeed)

“Here are a few simple optimizations that are a pain to do manually, but that mod_pagespeed excels at:

* Making changes to the pages built by the Content Management Systems (CMS) with no need to make changes to the CMS itself,
* Recompressing an image when its HTML context changes to serve only the bytes required (typically tedious to optimize manually), and
* Extending the cache lifetime of the logo and images of your website to a year, while still allowing you to update these at any time.”


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