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Search is an integral part of peoples' online lives; people turn to search engines for help with a wide range of needs and desires, from satisfying idle curiousity to finding life-saving health remedies, from learning about medieval art history to finding video game solutions and pop music lyrics. Web search engines are now the second most frequently used online computer application, after email. Not long ago, most software applications did not contain a search module. Today, search is fully integrated into operating systems and is viewed as an essential part of most information systems.

Enterprise Search support for Apache Lucene and Solr by Lucid Imagination

We're the commercial entity exclusively dedicated to Apache Lucene/Solr open source search technology. Our products and services can help you develop and deploy search solutions with confidence: professional training, SLA-based support subscriptions; best practices consulting; free certified distributions of Lucene and Solr; and value-add software.

Shalin Says…: Inside Solr: Improvements in Faceted Search Performance

Yonik Seeley recently implemented a new method for faceting which will be available in Solr 1.4 (yet to be released). It is optimized for faceting on multi-valued fields with large number of unique terms but relatively low number of terms per document. The new method has made a large improvement in performance for faceted search and has cut memory usage at the same time.

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