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Article on TEI P5 development and use in frame of ENRICH project by James Cummings and Lou Burnard, Oxford University

There are several quite distinct traditions for the description of primary sources, in particular manuscripts. Unlike books, such sources are unique objects, often of great cultural value, which are typically catalogued locally by the many different institutions holding them. This contributes further to the diversity of approaches taken. Great institutions are able to produce richly detailed, highly scholarly descriptions, while smaller or less well-resourced institutions cannot hope to do so. But with the widespread increase in the practice of digitization of such primary sources, there is increasing pressure to make their cataloguing uniform, so as to facilitate cross-site searching, and the sharing of information about resources held at many different institutions.

ORCID: Open Researcher Contributor Identification Initiative – Home

Name ambiguity and attribution are persistent, critical problems imbedded in the scholarly research ecosystem. The ORCID Initiative represents a community effort to establish an open, independent registry that is adopted and embraced as the industry’s de facto standard. Our mission is to resolve the systemic name ambiguity, by means of assigning unique identifiers linkable to an individual's research output, to enhance the scientific discovery process and improve the efficiency of funding and collaboration.

Formation TEI (École nationale des chartes, juin 2009)

Cette page Web permet d’accéder à l’ensemble des documents (listes des participants, supports d’intervention, fichiers exemples, ressources diverses) utilisés pendant la formation sur TEI organisée par l’École nationale des chartes (ENC) à Paris les 4, 5, 10, 11 et 12 juin 2009.

Dernière mise à jour de cette page : 6 novembre 2009.

Nota : pour l’instant, tous les documents ne sont pas réunis. Ce sera le cas très bientôt.

TEI @ ISO project

This web site documents the development of components for managing ISO standards using TEI markup, which will support the authoring of standards documents in a variety of writing environments.

The core component of this toolkit is an archival XML schema built using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) framework, accompanied by a suite of XSLT transformations to enable ISO documents to be converted to and from other systems.

The project is managed and resourced by the University of Oxford, with assistance from the Text Encoding Initiative, Brigham Young University and the Max Planck Digital Library, Berlin.

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