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Directed by Christine Henseler, The Humanities, Plain & Simple is a special 4Humanities Project. It is a comprehensive and targeted campaign that calls out to individuals and groups inside and outside of academia to write statements in “plain language” as to why the Humanities matter. How has Humanities-based thinking directly or indirectly altered or innovated strategies, ideas, research, leadership, learning? The statements will be published on the 4Humanities site and/or in mainstream print publications or digital media sites. The pieces may be of a serious or sarcastic nature; they may be of a few short paragraphs or of several pages; they may address the effects of a particular experience or talk about the Humanities as a whole. The only request is for writers to communicate in the language of everyday life, to address a general audience, and to refer to real-world situations.


“A nanopublication is the smallest unit of publishable information: an assertion about anything that can be uniquely identified and attributed to its author. Individual nanopublications can be cited by others and monitored for their impact on the community.

Nanopublications are a natural response to the explosion of high-quality contextual information that overwhelms the capacity of conventional research articles in scholarly communication. With nanopublications, it is possible to disseminate individual data as independent publications with or without an accompanying research article”


Cybergeo et la société de consommation

“L’offre Freemium1 promue par les journaux en libre accès, c’est exactement le renversement de ce processus. En quelque sorte une nuit du 4 août pour contrer le privilège des grands groupes éditoriaux, qui procurent à leurs actionnaires des dividendes excessifs, prélevés sur le travail des chercheurs, rédacteurs et évaluateurs bénévoles.”


Techdirt: Academic Publishing Profits Enough To Fund Open Access To Every Research Article In Every Field

The arguments against open access have moved on from the initial “it’ll never work” to the “maybe it’ll work, but it’s not sustainable” stage. That raises a valid point, of course: who will pay for journals that make their content freely available online?


Séminaire 2011-2012 | Philologie à venir

Le séminaire Édition savante et humanités numériques est un cycle de conférences complémentaires de l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (annonce).

Il a lieu de novembre 2011 à juin 2012, le mercredi de 18 h à 20 h,
à l’Institut national d’histoire de l’art, 2 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris (plan),
salle Walter Benjamin.


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