Animal Captcha

“Animal Captcha is a lightweight plugin for WordPress that adds a captcha
control on comments and register with a nice picture of an animal than any
man knows, and yet a robot is unable to identify. It’s nice, comfortable and very safe.
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Try a test.


WordPress › BuddyPress Template Pack « WordPress Plugins

Add support for BuddyPress to your existing WordPress theme. This plugin will guide you through the process step by step. Once you are finished, your existing WordPress theme will be able to manage and display all BuddyPress pages and content. The process is completely reversible and does not modify any of your existing template files.

iPhonsta 1.1 WordPress Theme

“iPhonsta Theme is an exclusive free premium wordpress theme made for iPhone but it also looks great under other mobile phones and gadgets. iPhonsta wordpress theme is an easy way to expand your visitor’s loyality by providing them mobile version of your website or using this free wordpress theme as a standalone site. iPhonsta theme has a fluid layout, fits the screen and configuring font size automatically. We have also tested this wordpress theme on various touch-screen devices and it works really well.”


Common WordPress Multisite Problems and Solutions « Weblog Tools Collection

When WordPress 3 launched on June 17th of 2010, the ability to run a multisite network from a single installation quickly became one of the most talked about features. Formerly known as WordPress MU, this entirely separate WordPress project was simultaneously upgraded and merged with the main WordPress branch. Many were expecting WordPress Multisite to carry with it the usual WordPress simplicity, but there’s quite a bit more to do after WordPress’ famous 5-minute installation when creating a multisite network, and the complexities of the network system have led to some confusion and questions along the way.


wp2epub generate epub files, ready to publish! Generate a whole bunch of ebooks for iPad, iPhone and other readers. Just choose the tags, categories or dates to export. It's done. You are now a bloguer and a writer. wp2epub also export in html, and then you can open with a wordprocessor to convert into PDF or other formats. A good way to backup your blog.

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